Secure Systems Research Group, University of Waterloo and Aalto University

The goal of the Secure Systems research group is to create new technologies and design and analysis methods for the development of secure computing and communication systems. The new technologies should be, at the same time, secure, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy. As is typical for security research, our results also include the discovery of novel attacks and previously unknown classes of vulnerabilities in existing systems. Security against malicious attacks is a basic requirement for all network-connected services and products, and scientific research can provide both fundamental understanding of the security issues and practical solutions that enable product development. The group is led by Prof. N. Asokan. Secure Systems research group at University of Waterloo is part of CrySP and Waterloo Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute. Secure Systems research group at Aalto is part of the Helsinki Aalto Center for Information Security.

Research Team

Prof. Dr. N. Asokan

Academic Principal Investigator

+358 (0)50 483 6465